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Welcome to the My Flooring Warranty® Program!

Congratulations and thank you for your interest in the My Flooring Warranty® Program. This is a unique program designed to provide the competitive advantage you've always needed over the big box stores. The My Flooring Warranty® Program is the customer retention and dealer brand-building marketing strategy you've been waiting for. Fully automated, the My Flooring Warranty® Program delivers automatic, strategically-timed, HD high-quality, dealer branded Thank You's, Customer Feedback Surveys, Product Warranty Links, and Cleaning and Maintenance information including CRI, Vacuum SOA information, along with E-mail Cleaning Reminder Cues.  This is truly an industry first program in so many ways. We've made "staying in touch" simple and brought it to new level of professionalism.

Keep your stores' brand in front of your customers, stay involved in their experience and especially the conversations they have with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors long after the sale and installation has been completed.

"There is nothing more relevant to the customer "experience" than providing important information while staying in touch following the sale and installation.  The most valuable and profitable customer you have is the previous customer.  You've already captured their trust. But don't stop there, you must stay in touch and in the conversations they have."
"Every dealer that captures a new customer does so at someone else's expense..."
Kevin Casey,
Director of Development
My Flooring Warranty, Canada
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If you answered "yes", your membership status with the WFCA must be current at the time of enrollment.  If not, you will be billed our annual program fee of CDN $825.00.  However, you do have up to 30 days to bring your WFCA membership status current and receive a My Flooring Warranty program credit.
Should you elect to join the WFCA within 30 days of enrollment into this program, you will be entitled to receive a My Flooring Warranty program credit of CDN $825.00 as a new member benefit.
Following Enrollment You Will Receive the Program Terms, Conditions.
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